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Re: [opensuse] anyone get Starnet x-win32 remote desktops working with OpenSUSE 12.3?
On 9/13/2013 9:25 AM, Jim Faulkner wrote:
Hi, has anybody gotten x-win32 to work with remote Gnome or XFCE
desktops under OpenSUSE 12.3? We're using x-win32 2012 build 103, which
I believe is the latest. Both Gnome and XFCE crash when run under
x-win32. They crash using both x-win32's plain X11 ssh forwarding mode,
as well as the LIVE mode. FWIW, I've filed bugs with Starnet and

Please let me know if anyone has any experience with this, or knows what
might be going wrong.

I do use x-Win32 but my version is 2011.

I have used full desktop mode in the past, but performance is never satisfactory
(Its generally too slow to do any real work).

I routinely use it just to get an xterm on a wide variety of linux machines as
as FreeBSD. From the Xterm I can then launch what ever components of KDE or
or XFCE4 that I need. I use X-Win's multi-windowed mode.

With the version I have I have successfully set up full windowed mode in two

1) Lock X-Win to open in Single window mode.
(this is don on the main Xwin configuration screen on the Windows tab. Not in
any connection.)
Then change the command to startkde or startxfce4 (use complete path).
This method is finicky to get just right, and generally is a pain in the
ass because you have to always leave Xwin to use single window mode.

2) Clone a connection that delivers an Xterm -ls successfully to a x-win's
multi-windowed mode, and simply set that to switch to Single window mode in
the advanced tab of this connection.
You will still have to issue the command startkde or startxfce4 manually in the
(and then don't close that xterm, just minimize it).

This allows you to leave Xwin set up to use multiple windows, for day
to day short tasks, which is way more efficient. And you can have a full screen
desktop when needed.

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