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Re: [opensuse] restarting X server in openSUSE 12.2 with systemd
On 2013-09-11 20:33 (GMT-0400) Anton Aylward composed:

as Cristian says, things are dynamic not static.

For many, but not particularly me.

Its no longer just about single vs multi vs graphical, its about what
services are running and what devices are connected.

Other that what hosts are booted, and what mode I want a CRT to run in, little changes here.

If you are running a laptop in graphical mode then plugin in a wifi USB
device all of sudden networking is available. So all the network
services can start ... dns ... postfix ... apache ... ntp and other
clients. Or shut down when the USB device is removed.

USB here is limited to storage devices on hosts lacking eSATA. Wifi here is excluded entirely. Only my router has wireless capability, which has remained disabled its entire life. Cell service here is functionally non-existent for about 90% of its users.

So its about using systemctl to display whir are active or which have

You mean list-units? I've yet to see more than a little of that output that I understand the way I understand 'chkconfig -l | sort' output.

The matrix you mention no longer makes any sense in a dynamic
environment. Its not giving you the information you need - which is
about what is running and what is not, and *why* what is not running is
not running.

5 means everything started, and 3 means DM not started. It worked for me before. Their systemd equivalents work no better or worse that I've been able to tell, save for having had to figure out how to keep X off the vttys below #7 and stop #1 from being cleared when initialization has completed.
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