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Re: [opensuse] Thunderbird stopped downloading from IMAP server
On 9/9/2013 2:07 AM, Bob Williams wrote:

I'm also still unable to see the list of subscribed folders. Right
clicking on the Account and choosing 'Subscribe' shows an empty list.
Clicking 'Refresh' does nothing - well, a message flashes past at the
bottom of the dialog, but too fast to read.

I shall try again, this time without adding in my old filters.

On the settings / Server Settings page, click the Advanced button
and double check that everything in there is as you expect.

Most Imap servers do not have a directory below your account
where your mail is, but a few do. In that case you might be
expected to have something in "IMAP Server Directory".
Most often you can leave that blank or have a single forward slash.

Make sure "Show Only Subscribed" folders is off, Sub folders is on
and IDLE is on.

Also note that Tbird sets a high number of Server Connections by default,
but many Imap providers are starting to limit this due to everybody having
3 or 6 devices all watching the same accounts keeping a bazillion
connections open, and their Imap software struggling to maintain
all the idled sockets for notification. 1 or 2 is all you need.
Even Google has had to limit the total number of connections.

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