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[opensuse] systemd & reiser.fsck SLOW on 12.3/32bit
I have a laptop running 12.3/32bit. I've used resier since S.u.S.E.
adopted it & all my drives use it so I have just stuck with it.

I've always been impressed with how fast reiser recovers from a power
off failure(like when I let my battery die when the laptop is

However, I've noticed that now with the newer versions & systemd that
it seems to take MUCH longer for the fsck to complete. My P3/1.2Ghz
laptop(running openSUSE 11.1) with a 320GB PATA drive finishes
checking way before my Core2/2.33Ghz based laptop with a 1TB SATA
drive taht's running 12.3. I get about 60MB/s on the PATA drive &
100+ on the SATA drive.

Now, I removed the plymouth splash because I don't care for them & was
wondering if the fsck was running faster, but that it was taking
longer to display the results to the screen maybe? I have 12.2/64bit
installed on this Core2 as well but I think plymouth is still there
but it's just as bad.

Any ideas?
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