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Re: [opensuse] Server not found messages
On 03/09/13 09:32, michael norman wrote:
On a fresh install of 12.3 every time I try to access a site i get a
"server not found" message. If I press retry it then works.

As far as I know I jest used the defaults to set up the onboard network
card, and indeed I used the live cd to do the installation,

Is this a known bug/problem ?

I have seen no similar reports on this list and it has not affected
previous version of openSUSE here.

Where should I look to fix it please ?


Bit of a longshot that you'd be experiencing the exact same thing as me, but you never know. In fact, jdd's response to the thread
Re: [opensuse] Re: opensuse web site down? (
seems to provide the same solution, albeit to a different post. I just did a fresh install of 12.3 and was frequently getting pages not found in Firefox, plus other occasional connection problems with my accounts in Thunderbird. In my case I've already been through these issues on my old machine so I knew it might be an IPv6 thing.

My French ISP Orange provides a crappy router that seemingly doesn't handle IPv6 either at all or without some obscure workaround. I have tried disabling IPv6 in KNetworkManager but that doesn't seem to cure it. I'm not sure where or how else on the system I can prevent all programs from even trying IPv6. But since the bulk of my communications are via Mozilla applications, I can simply disable IPv6 in Firefox by going into about:config, searching for IPv6, and setting network.dns.disableIPv6 to true, and the same in Thunderbird by going into the Preferences and opening the config editor and searching the same string.

My other machines have been set like this all the while I've been living where I do and generally this avoids most problems.
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