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Re: [opensuse] Is it possible to send email with postfix without DNS?
Quoting Werner Flamme <werner.flamme@xxxxxxxx>:
[01.09.2013 01:29] [Jeffrey L. Taylor]:
Quoting Anton Aylward <opensuse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Jeffrey L. Taylor said the following on 08/31/2013 02:35 PM:
Probably not. Postfix doesn't like cer@, an IP address
of a domain name. Maybe someone else can come up with a hack around the

Please read the manuals & documentation.
Postfix uses a number of auxiliary files as to what transports to
use for what addresses and domains.
An address isn't a problem so long as you tell Postfix that.

Start with 'Canonical' so you understand the formats, then
'Transport', which is probably the simplest way to address the


@ smtp:[]:587

Or maybe "25" instead of "587" :-)
It all depends on the configuration :-)

Really, as a recipient address? Every place I find an example recipient
address given in the documentation, it is given as
Please give a URL for documentation showing a recipient address (not in a
configuration file) with an IP address.

I never found postix accepting user@xxxxxxxxxxxxx. Instead, one can use
something like user@xxxxxxxxx and define a transport like
@dont.know smtp:[]

Thank you, I understand this. It's specific enough and I've done something
similar to this in the past.

Endless calls to RTFM (I have) with vague handwaving to which part of TFM to
read are not helpful.

This helps with e-mail, though the other threads about setting up a local DNS
server are a more general solution.

Thank you,
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