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Re: [opensuse] Is it possible to send email with postfix without DNS?
Carlos E. R. wrote:
So, if in resolv.conf you have several external DNS, and in dnsmasq.conf
the "server=" is commented out, then that machine sends all queries to
outside, not asking its own dnsmasq. Your local network machines instead
can ask that machine dnsmasq.

I run dnsmasq on my firewall, which is also my IPv6 tunnel end point.
My main reason for running it is to provide DNS for my local network
addresses. I just enter them in the firewall hosts file. As for the 3
DNS servers, that's for redundancy. If one fails I have two more to
fall back on. The first two are via IPv6 and the 3rd, IPv4. That IPv4
one is necessary, because until my IPv6 tunnel is up, the first two are
not available. I'm not worried about caching requests from the
firewall, as I rarely run anything other than ping and traceroute from it.

To summarize, dnsmasq provides a local DNS for both IPv6 and IPv4. It
also provides the benefit of redundant external servers to all clients.
I only have to change one hosts file, when I make changes on my local
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