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Re: [opensuse] Extrange change in "/etc/sysconfig/clock"
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В Sat, 31 Aug 2013 20:46:35 +0200
"Carlos E. R." <carlos.e.r@xxxxxxxxxxxx> пишет:

People that double boot, specially when the other system is Windows,
who insists on the CMOS clock being localtime, often trash the adjtime
file contents. As a result, the clock shifts several hours on every
boot (maybe not an integer number of hours).

I do not understand what is to trash there. The first two lines are
legacy that nobody relies upon anyway. What this thread is about is the
third line which is never changed by hwclock itself unless you
explicitly instruct it to do so.

The cure on those cases was to set the system clock manually, transfer
contents to cmos clock, and then erase the adjtime file, in the
knowledge that rebooting would set it up correctly.

I do not understand why you need to remove /etc/adjtime helps here.
Either LOCAL/UTC was set correctly or not. If it was no correctly set
then most likely because /etc/sysconfig/clock was not set correctly and
it will be recreated with wrong value again.

Now instead I'll have (often it is me who guides these people) to tell
them a procedure to recreate the file correctly, for people that do
not even know if the cmos is running local or utc time or why that is

If people do not know whether they are running local or UTC, how are
you going to trust their /etc/sysconfig/clock then? It is user decision
in the first place, whether it is stored in /etc/sysconfig/clock
or /etc/adjtime is not important.

The right procedure to fix dual boot with Windows is to go to YaST and
set local time instead of UTC. Which will store the correct value
in /etc/adjtime. Where is the problem?
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