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Re: [opensuse] Extrange change in "/etc/sysconfig/clock"
On 2013-08-31 2046 (GMT+0200) Carlos E. R. composed:

On 2013-08-31 20:38, Felix Miata wrote:

/etc/adjtime only needs to be written once. So,

Not true.

Here it needs to be written once per system installation, if that often considering some "installations" are upgrades.

Maybe yours don't look like mine:

0.0 0 0.0

WFM, not that I ever need "recovery procedures".

You are fortunate.

Multibooting enables matter of course repair by just booting something else rather than some kind of "recovery" boot.

People that double boot, specially when the other system is Windows,

I don't have any double boot systems. OTOH, I have more than two dozen multiboot (>1 installed OS) systems, at least 1/4 of which include Windows.

who insists on the CMOS clock being localtime,

I have two systems not using localtime. Not using localtime on every system on a LAN on which any machine uses localtime can be a big PITA.

often trash the adjtime

Haven't seen it happen here since I started preserving the originals. I don't recall ever seeing it.
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