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Re: [opensuse] Re: Extrange change in "/etc/sysconfig/clock"
On Sat, Aug 31, 2013 at 02:15:26AM +0200, Joachim Schrod wrote:
On 08/30/13 14:05, Dr. Werner Fink wrote:

this file should with 12.3 and following not be deleted. It is the only
reference for the setup of the CMOS clock. Please note that this was not
my idea even if the shell code is mine ;)

So, just for the record, whose idea was this design decision?

Recording setup of the CMOS clock just in /etc/adjtime and nowhere
else is not robust at all and will lead to many support problems.

It works in the ideal world, on a developer's laptop -- but not in
the real world where openSUSE is used. At my company, such code
quality is called "it runs in my home directory and to hell with
the rest" -- we get lots of such changes in openSUSE lately. :-(

This change was not lately and this change is caused simply by the
upstream behaviour of systemd. This change was done at

* Fri May 25 2012 werner@xxxxxxx
- Drop HWCOCK option flag in favour of the adjtime file

and there was also some bugs #779440 and #791485

* Wed Oct 31 2012 werner@xxxxxxx
- Enforce creation of /etc/adjtime even if no /etc/sysconfig/clock exists

* Wed Feb 06 2013 werner@xxxxxxx
- Do not override /etc/adjtime if HWCLOCK is already gone (bnc#791485)

all changelog entries are from aaa_base. And I had informed the former
maintainer of ntp. Please open a bug for ntp ... beside this /etc/init.d/ntp
should become a systemd unit file IMHO


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