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Re: [opensuse] Dual /multiboot openSUSE
On 08/30/2013 04:24 AM, michael norman wrote:
I am running 12 3 64 bit. I am using Grub legacy installed in the root

I am thinking of adding Linux Mint in dual boot mode. I have a spare
partition which I keep for installing other Os's which I usually use to
test new versions of openSUSE.

It is some time since I tried that with an non SUSE os.

Are there any gotchas I should look for doing this with Linux Mint ?
Where should I tell it to put its bootloader so that openSUSE will see it ?
Anything else I should worry about ?


I can't remember about the boot loader, but there isn't any other gotcha.
I did just about what you want--installed Mint14-KDE on a disk that
already had Windows and PCLOS-32 and had no trouble at all. I think
that version used legacy grub, but I don't know what 15 uses. I guess
I just let it put the boot loader where it wanted to, and then went
back to my main Linux--PCLOS--and ran redo-mbr. Since then I also
installed PCLOS-64--no problem there either, since that also uses
the legacy grub. I don't know why they want to change that--menu.lst
is nice and straight-forward and written in English, except for the
address code section--I guess that's what it is.
I don't know what theyve done to Mint recently, but I liked the
version I installed, altho not to displace PCLOS. I also like
Korora, altho the install for that is a dog. It uses grub2, but
after booting into PCLOS on that machine, ran redo-mbr and now
Korora boots fine without grub2.

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