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Re: [opensuse] KMail on 12.3
Carlos E. R. said the following on 08/26/2013 07:59 AM:
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El 2013-08-19 a las 02:46 -0700, Mark Tinka escribió:

I run KMail because I still - after nearly 6 years - can't find a decent
MUA that supports both Maildir and PGP. Outlook is MBOX style (and it's
Microsoft). Apple Mail is Maildir style but uses a proprietary method
(.emlx). Thunderbird has great PGP support but no Maildir (still can't
believe that, after all this time). OperaMail has good PGP support but
no Maildir.

I find Maildir inefficient. :-p

+1 for the appropriate definition of 'efficient'.

Actually I think that's wide enough. Maildir consumes inodes and I've always found that its difficult to get a good balance of inodes to data with the ext? family of file systems. Rather than waste time doing admin work fiddling and rebalancing (If I wanted to be an IBM/CICIS system administrator I wouldn't have chose UNIX) I use ReiserFS and BtrFS. They work, are robust, don't need fiddling with for journalling and crash recovery - the "just work". Every time I use ext? I get hassle with inodes vs data. Maildir rather that mbox will just aggravate that.


Anyway, you can run dovecot as local imap server for storage, and then use
any mail client you like - even all of them at the same time.

I'm doing that, and this is a laptop...

I've been doing it for years.

Dovecot is another one of those wonderful programs that once you set it up 'just works'.

I was at a presentation by Cisco and VMware last month and one of the people there was an admin running a multi-seat environment. In my time I've set up variations of multi-seat UNIX/Linux; LTSP, PXE and multiple terminals to the one host. What struck me first was how inefficient running MS-Windows under VMware with RDP was compared to any of the ways I'd done multi-seat in the past. Even RDP with Xvnc uses shared libraries and is lighter on RAM, to say nothing of the efficient sharing of libraries in the applications. And the process switching is lighter and therefore faster.

But what struck me was how that site admin _boasted_ of how he had to be there tuning and tweaking as the load profile & demand changed though the day, and more. Fun for Geeks, yes, but when I look at the overall trends in business its about getting things done. Part of the selling point of tablets and smartphones and some of the pre-Balmer versions of Windows was that they "just work".

I realise that there are many people out there who enjoy fiddling with the guts of systems; I do too. But that isn't the way production systems in business should be run. They should 'just work' and keep working. They need to be stable and predictable. No surprises. No need to fiddle and tune and optimise.

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