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[opensuse] 12.3 / 12.2 User Quotas
Hi all,

I am trying to set up user quotas for my ftp server so I can control how much space each ftp user gets.

I followed the manual* and went to partitioner and checked 'Enable Quota' on the partition containing the home directories
I then performed a reboot and went to YaST > Security and Users > User and Group Management > Users selected a user and clicked Edit
I then went to the plugin tab and tried to launch 'Manage Disk Quota' but receive the error 'Quota is not enabled on your system. Enable quota support in the partition settings module.'

I have not found any other instructions in the OpenSUSE manual and I have tried with OpenSUSE 12.2 and 12.3 both manuals* have identical information on quotas. So far my SUSE experience has been hindered by poor documentation, most of the setup I have had to guess with trial and error (thank goodness for VM snapshots :D).

Please can anyone advise how to configure quotas?

*OpenSUSE Startup Manual Chapter 10.3 page 134

Some info on my system:

The users home directories are in /srv/ftp/users (the reason for this is that the FTP server does not support ACLs and the FTP server does not work when i set to the home directory as I have to set owner to FTP instead of the user, therefore they cannot access their files. I cannot set them a group because the owner group is 'ftpadmins' and I need this for admin access to all users home directories).

/srv is a seperate partition

FTP access is working fine at present and users can rwx all their files as well as admins rwx'ing' everyones files

I have minimal server installation (no gui) in a virtual machine in VirtualBox
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