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Re: [opensuse] DHCP server, VLAN and subnets
Andrey Borzenkov wrote:
This is configuration of a single server. It does not say anything
about how DHCP server and client are interconnected.

Why do you assume that packets from your client are going via eth2.5 in
the first place? Weak host will accept packets targeted to any of its
configured addresses on any interface.

So far it simply sounds like DHCP requests are coming to your server
via the wrong interface.

As I mentioned earlier, when I manually configured the computer on the
VLAN, the arp cache showed it to be on the VLAN interface. The computer
is a notebook connected via WiFi, The access point is confiugred with
multiple SSIDs, one of which is on the VLAN. When I connect to that
SSID/VLAN, DHCP assigns an address for the main network and not the VLAN

BTW, I am not a novice at this sort of thing. In my work, I have set up
networks for customers that have VLANs, multiple SSIDs on access points
and DHCP servers that properly support multiple subnets. The only
difference is that on those jobs I was using routers made by Adtran, but
here I'm using openSUSE for a router. If I had an Adtran or Cisco
router here, I would have had this up & running in a few minutes.

The VLAN is set up properly and works. The DHCP server appears to be
configured properly, but it still issues the wrong addresses for the
subnet. As I mentioned, the arp cache shows the computer to be on the
VLAN eth2.5, so the DHCP request would not be on the wrong interface.

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