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Re: [opensuse] Hard disk weirdness on an ancient laptop
On 8/17/2013 3:06 PM, Carlos E. R. wrote:

19423 hours? How is that possible?

And so many values at zero?

If I am the victim of a fraud, surely it can not have 20Khours, right? That's
too much for a laptop unit, they tend to break down earlier
than 6000 hours.

Maybe a refurbished disk, old chipset, new platter assembly?
A bug in smartctl?

Its quite possible that smartctl might not be accurate on an old drive like
that. (I would have opted for buying a
newer controller, unless its a laptop). Perhaps older models report values
from the controller and not the
disk itself, but also it is common for there to be some discrepancy in the
UNITS used for storage


smartctl reports the age as thousands of hours for my Maxtor/Hitachi/Fujitsu
disk , yet it is only a few days old

On recent disks, Maxtor has started to use Attribute 9 to store the power-on
disk lifetime in minutes rather than hours.
In this case, use the: '-v 9,minutes' option to correctly display hours and

Some models of Fujitsu disks use Attribute 9 to store the power-on disk
lifetime in seconds.
In that case, use the: '-v 9,seconds' option to correctly display hours,
minutes and seconds.

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