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Re: [opensuse] Odd messages about mariadb when upgrading from 12.2 to 12.3
On Fri, 16 Aug 2013 16:17:00 +0200
Per Jessen wrote:

I noticed the following during an upgrade (zypper dup):

Installing: mariadb-5.5.32-1.4.2 ..........................[done]
Additional rpm output:
redirecting to systemctl stop mysql
warning: /etc/my.cnf created as /etc/my.cnf.rpmnew
warning: waiting to reestablish exclusive database lock
warning: waiting to reestablish exclusive database lock
redirecting to systemctl start mysql
Job for n/a failed. See 'systemctl status n/a' and 'journalctl -n' for

"n/a" ????

Hi Per,

At least you /did/ get some clues, eh? Was this box previously upgraded
to 12.2 from an earlier version? I can't recall exactly when the
mysql->mariadb transition occurred, but I'd hazard a guess here that
the script handling this upgrade didn't find one of the process names it
was looking for so it simply fell back to "n/a."


It starts installing mariadb by shutting down mysql (which, after the
upgrade is complete, becomes a symlink to mariadb so as not to break
existing customizations / associated programs & scripts.) The built-in
"rcmysql stop" is what instigated the 'redirecting to systemctl stop
mysql' feedback.

Then, instead of stepping on the existing /etc/my.cnf (the master
config file,) it writes the upgraded version as '/etc/my.cnf.rpmnew'.

It then reports that it isn't able to reestablish an exclusive
database lock and ultimately interprets what it perceives to be a
timeout to mean that mysql is not running (not looking for 'mariadb'?)

It then issues an "rcmysql start" which triggers the 'redirecting to
systemctl start mysql', which fails. Should it be 'mysql.service'
or 'mariadb.service'? Something in this area?


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