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Re: [opensuse] Creating the distro USB stick with a simple 'cp'
On 8/13/2013 2:12 PM, Brian K. White wrote:
On 8/13/2013 5:04 PM, John Andersen wrote:
On 8/13/2013 1:27 PM, Brian K. White wrote:
The fact that using the wrong tool for a given job happened to work once,

I would like to see some evidence that CP is in fact the wrong tool.

Seems to me this functionality (cp file to a device) is referenced at least
passing in man (1p) cp.

It's "wrong" for at least this reason:

Today user is told: "Here is how you write a disk image: cp img.file

Tomorrow user want's to copy or write a similar disk image to a file for use
in a vm or to recover a physical disk. He tries "cp /dev/node
image.file" and it does not work.

But it Does Work.

Grab some random cdrom, figure out what your cdrom drive is

# cp /dev/sr0 big.iso
# mount big.iso /mnt -o loop

Works perfectly.

So its RIGHT, and further, its posix.

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