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Re: [opensuse] nmbd does not start at boot in openSUSE 12.2
Istvan Gabor said the following on 08/03/2013 06:12 PM:
nmbd demon does not start when my openSUSE 12.2 system is booted.
smbd demon starts normally.

This is openSUSE 12.2 with up to date kernel and samba packages, using systemd

# ps -e|grep -i smb
3082 ? 00:00:00 smbd
3230 ? 00:00:00 smbd
lnx:~ # ps -e|grep -i nmb
lnx:~ #

How can I fix this?

If you are using systemd then the daemons start via .service descriptions. Grep around to see what the one that starts smbd contains and see if there is one that isn't enables for nmbd and winbindd. Try starting the manually as described in

If that works then enable them (as described in many other threads here), but do check dependencies (and required files, libraries, directories etc) and the order they should come up.

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