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Re: [opensuse] 12.3 (64bit) Hibernate problem
Il 31/07/2013 22:38, Carl Hartung ha scritto:
On Wed, 31 Jul 2013 18:00:38 -0700
John Andersen wrote:

On 7/31/2013 5:53 PM, Marco Calistri wrote:
Il 30/07/2013 17:53, Marco Vittorini Orgeas ha scritto:
On Tuesday, July 30, 2013 04:58:56 PM Marco Calistri wrote:

I think it is not matter of swap because I think I have 4G
dedicated to this task, at least.

How many people on this ML running my hardware/DE are facing some
issues as me for hibernate?

If I am alone I would begin to worry, but if I am "one of many"
then I hope devs. team will resolve the problem by next software


1) Be sure(!) your swap partition size is bigger than your
available RAM.

2) Try to hibernate and re-start.

Dunno why but I configured my swap to 3G while my phisical RAM is

marco@linux-turion64:~> sudo /usr/sbin/swapon -s
Filename Type
Size Used
Priority /dev/sda7 partition
3147772 0 -1

In any case I am not totally convinced about the rule to set swap
to be bigger than RAM.


Well as someone pointed out upthread, it will attempt compression on
what it writes to swap.

My system's 500GB drive has 3 primary partitions:

sda1: swap
sda2: OS 'a' /
sda3: OS 'a' /home

plus an extended w/ 3 logical partitions:

sda5: OS 'b' /
sda6: OS 'b' /home
sda7 OS 'a' and 'b' /data (shared)

Re-sizing the primary partitions was a breeze using gparted while booted
into OS 'b'. I 'shaved' 1 GB each off of sda2 and sda3, retaining the
upper boundary of sda3 and moving the two 'up' in the process. I then
reassigned the contiguous unused space below sda2 to swap (sda1.) It is
now 4.1GB vs. system RAM at 4GB. Booting the installation DVD in rescue
mode to reinstall grub2 took another few minutes.

All in all, I'd say this was a very worthwhile exercise if only because
the question is now moot: swap is now physically larger than the
system's RAM.

As I wrote previously, before increasing the swap partition's size,
my "hibernate" (suspend to disk) experiment failed, whereas afterward,
it succeeded. I'm not suggesting that there is a direct correlation --
the evidence, itself, seems to be suggesting this ... albeit after only
one before/after test.




May be you have convinced me. :-)

I don't understand why you needed to reinstall grub2 though.

I will try it booting with gparted DVD and I will consider to multiply
RAM per 1.5 factor then set swap to 6.144G

Marco Calistri (amdturion)
opensuse 12.3 (Dartmouth) 64 bit - Kernel 3.7.10-1.16-desktop Gnome 3.6.2
Intel® Core™ i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz × 4 - Intel® Sandybridge Mobile
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