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Re: [opensuse] Machine spec for 3d art

On 29 jul 2013, at 20:26, Dylan wrote:

On 29/07/13 14:28, Rajko wrote:
On Fri, 26 Jul 2013 22:26:16 +0100
Dylan <dylan@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Blender has its own native render engine which will use as many cores
as available.

Right, if card is Nvidia. For AMD cards it is not so bright. My AMD
does not work for rendering.

I'm talking about the native render engine which uses the CPU, not the
'cycles' engine which *can* use CUDA or openCL if configured to do so.

Also, it will use as much memory as it is available on the card, not in
the system. Bad news is that graphic cards with a lot of memory are also
top models with high prices.

Even his most complex render uses less than 1G peak memory (as reported by
blender and htop...)

Do you use CUDA? I've been trying to get it going on 12.2 all day. Although
blender allows me to specify GPU rendering, it still only uses the CPU...


As far as I know, the OpenCL implementation in Blender is on hold:
Blender should be able to use Cuda to render on any modern NVidia card.
GTX cards are fine for 3D hardware rendering. there's no need for

A lot of memory is needed when you start using big textures on
high poly wireframes. But i don't think this happens in graphics
world does it?

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