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[opensuse] chown not permitted on NFS share??

I have a VM in cloud I'm building up. It has openSUSE 12.3 on it.

I want /srv to be a large space so I can put a sftp chroot set of jails on it.

I ordered a 100 GB NFS share from the hosting company today and they
created it for me. They actually had 2 options for diskspace and I
ordered the cheaper "backup" space (which may be my problem).

I'm trying to mount the NFS share to it. (I haven't worked much with NFS.)

Before mounting /srv is owned by root:root and its mode is 755 just as expected.

After mounting the NFS share on /srv, I have this:

# ls -ld srv
drwxrwsrwx+ 6 cyrus 96 4096 Jul 26 2013 srv

I don't like the owner, nor the permissions.

Trying to change the permissions chmod claims to work, but doesn't
# chmod 0755 srv
# ls -ld srv
drwxr-sr-x+ 6 cyrus 96 4096 Jul 26 2013 srv

chown simply doesn't work
# chown root:root srv
chown: changing ownership of âsrvâ: Operation not permitted

The problem is recursive, so as I place folder trees on the /srv they
all have the same owner and permissions.

This is the line I added to /etc/fstab: /srv nfs
0 0

I'm sure not all of that is needed, but I stole it!

Is there anyway I can overcome this issue?

Greg Freemyer
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