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Re: [opensuse] Dual^H^H^H^H Multi boot OS12.3 and Vista
Thanks to both of you for your comments...

On 25/07/13 16:57, C wrote:
On Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 5:45 PM, Felix Miata wrote:
Anyway, you've got the steps backwards. If you need to install a dual
boot system with Windows and any Linux distro, always install Windows
first (if possible).

The problem is that only works once. So, better to forget that myth and
allow for what happens when it's not first installed. Meanwhile, completely
partition before doing anything else, so that you fully control what goes
where and how much space anything gets.

That's why I said "If possible".

Windows is annoying in that it overwrites the MBR and fixing it for a
new-to-Linux user can be a bit.. daunting.

I've been using Linux for over 10 years - There's no problem re-instating grub or the mbr from my point of view.

I've never tried the dual-boot thing with Vista. On my current
system, I've got 2 separate physical drives, one with Linux, one with
Windows. Even in that config (with the most control possible over
what goes where), a Windows re-install will break GRUB, or at least
send it off to a corner to ponder its role in the universe. Windows
installs will write to the primary drive even when you tell it not to
(Linux is on sda, and Windows on sdb)... at least I've never found a
way to stop it unless I disconnect sda, install, reconnect sda

Or put Linux on sdb and Windows on sda? If there were two physical drives available that would be my default option.

This is for my partner whose machine died in the heat - he seems happy to use just Linux until we can get a new machine sorted (he does 3d art so needs quite a bit of power for rendering.) I'm hoping that he'll find he can do everything he needs in Linux. Since the 3d art is done in blender that shouldn't be too much of a leap...

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