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Re: [opensuse] openSUSE 12.3. automount, /media
On Saturday 20 July 2013, Carlos E. R. wrote:
On Saturday, 2013-07-20 at 11:44 +0200, Ruediger Meier wrote:
On Thursday 18 July 2013, Carlos E. R. wrote:
in "/etc/udev/rules.d/99-correct-media-mount-point.rules" write:

udevadm control --reload

OK, this works. This rule is only needed when using udisks2. It's
really strange that we have udisks 1 and 2 running in parallel.
It's a race whether udisks 1 or 2 gets a media mounted first.

Oh :-(

This is what I have installed:

Telcontar:~ # rpm -qa | grep udisks
Telcontar:~ #

However, another machine freshly installed only has:

eleanor3:~ # rpm -qa | grep udisks
eleanor3:~ #

ie, only version 2. What needs version 1? :-?

It comes with KDE3

rudi@tenfore:~> rpm -q --whatrequires udisks
rudi@tenfore:~> rpm -q --whatrequires udisks-glue

rudi@tenfore:~> grep udisks /opt/kde3/bin/startkde
killall udisks-glue
/usr/bin/udisks-glue --config /opt/kde3/share/config/udisks-glue.conf

That means there is always udisks-glue running after logging into kde3.
And it will not be killed after loging out ... much fun for the next
user who logs in and tries to mount something.
BTW KDE3 on SUSE 12.3 has udisk2 support, so udisks2 would be used when
mounting devices by mouse click from the system:/media page.

The funny thing is that you can't use udisks2 (udisksctl) on devices
which were mounted by udisks-1, so the "safely remove button" won't
work because of the running udisks-glue.

I'd say udisk-1 should be de-installed to avoid these stupid conflicts.
On the other hand running udisks-glue would be nice if you want to
automount independent from the used windowmanager. Pity that
udisks-glue does not use the udisk2 interface.

But as said before, probably I will disable both udisks-1 and 2, using
udev directly. udisks default mount options are useless anyway if you
have multiple users. I see no way to get them configured to do
something useful.

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