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Re: [opensuse] How to get rid of (?) Titles when seeing several running apps
On 18/07/13 14:35, Basil Chupin wrote:
Please see my tagline (below) for some details of my system.

I apologise if you don't understand what I am asking in the Subject
Heading as I don't know the correct terminology to use but this is what
I am asking for help about.

When I have several apps running and push the cursor into the topmost
lefthand corner of the monitor screen I get all the apps displayed each
in a mini "window". By clicking on any one that apps is then displayed
in full screen and I can continue to use it. (There has to be a name for
this situation but I don't know what KDE used to describe this.)

When the apps are displayed in the mini "windows" each app has a TITLE -
a black block with white text - displayed through the middle of "window"
with the TITLE describing which app is being run in a "window".

This TITLE is annoying for two reasons: the first is that I watch TV
programs and the TITLE covers a portion of the middle of the TV screen,
and secondly the TITLE is a rally useless because I, at least, know what
apps are running at any one time.

I think you're referring to KDE's 'Present Windows' effect. In the KDE System Settings, go to Desktop Effects -> All Effects, then find Present Windows down near the bottom of the list. Click on the spanner configuration icon. In the next dialog you can elect to not 'Display window titles'.

Or maybe you're referring to something else entirely.
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