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{MCP?} Re: [opensuse] md stealing disks! (solved)
On 07/17/2013 02:27 PM, John Andersen wrote:
On 7/17/2013 2:23 PM, Lew Wolfgang wrote:
Hi Folks,

I figured out what was going on. The disk, that I thought was new,
apparently wasn't. It must have been a member of an md array
at one point, and the kernel was grabbing it and trying to use it.

You know I had an email all typed up asking how sure you were that the
disk was in fact NEW as you stated, but I thought it might be pretty
insulting to ask something so obvious. So I deleted it instead of sending it.

Next time I'll take the risk. ;-)

I did notice that md does appear to be running on my laptop which has never
had an array in it.

Har! It seems that the more experienced we get, the more spectacular
our foul-ups can be! I'm glad that none of my management reads this
list. (or do they?)

Thanks for your help,

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