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Re: [opensuse] Ideas on network prioritization?
On 7/12/2013 10:51 AM, Marc Chamberlin wrote:
On 7/11/2013 2:40 PM, John Andersen wrote:
On 7/11/2013 2:11 PM, Marc Chamberlin wrote:
Hi - I am running openSuSE12.3 on my gateway computer for my SOHO network.
We have a number of hybrid cell phones around here that can
connect either via our wireless network using VOIP to connect to other
telephones or they can use the phone companies regular 3G network
(but we are discouraged from doing so in order to keep costs down). We
noticed that when using the WiFi connection, we often get a lot of
dropouts and broken/lost connections, particularly when heavy network
traffic such as backups are going on. My question is this, Is there
any way to prioritize network traffic such that when a cell phone
conversation is going on, that cell phone is given higher priority over
all other network traffic?

I am using a DCHP server and could set it up to assign a specific IP
address (I think) to each cell phone presuming they have a MAC address
or a unique identifier, if that would help. I have started poking my nose
into IPTables, but finding it difficult to understand or get a
handle on whether there is a way to prioritize network traffic using it.
And I am not sure I want to simply give a cell phone high priority
as these are smart phones and I would prefer phone conversations have high
priority, not cell phone apps. Appreciate any pointers/thoughts
on this, thanks in advance and please keep in mind that I am not an expert
on networking so try to keep your replies somewhat simple if you
can... ;-)


Well without getting into iptables (if you aren't going to be able to
prioritize traffic on a single network.

So you might look into two networks.
You could start by moving your wifi router (or adding another wifi router
for use only with phones) outside of
your in-house network.

So something like Premise Router---wifi---->house-Server---->house-network
Keep only phones on that wifi, and have another wifi for laptops etc on

That takes your voice traffic totally off the inhouse network where it won't
have to contend with backups.

(This should work even better than iptables prioritization, because it
avoids a lot of in-net-contention.

Thanks John, James for the suggestion to use a separate router, that sounds
like a good choice to me and I have set up a separate router as
you suggest. Hopefully that will make our cell phone usage better. Much


It should help at least.
Just make sure that separate wifi router is ahead of (outside of) your gateway
computer, so that none of that SIP/VOIP traffic
is running on your local network.

Note that I've seen poor performance on some VOIP connections when on wifi
because some VOIP/SIP clients will
automatically choose the highest bandwidth protocol that they have when they
sense a fast network between themselves
and the Voip server. That works great until a couple more calls come in. Not
all clients fall back to lower
codecs reliably.

Several simultaneous high-bandwidth codec calls can over-run your wifi or your
bandwidth from your ISP.

I try to keep my sip clients configured for a less demanding codecs, which are
always better quality than
land lines.

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