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[opensuse] Re: need some ideas - traffic appears to be disappearing
Greg Freemyer wrote:
fyi: I don't have dovecot working yet. One problem at a time and I
had to put email setup on the back burner for a couple days.
If you had a working config before, copy in the old configs.

Some stuff was added defining the default, which turned
off the builtin defaults for the Mailbox namespace (e.g. Inbox).

Once I deleted that it started up again.

They also spread the config all over making it hard to
manage. Maybe if you have a complicated config the spread
out way is easier, but I just have it serving my email.

I'll copy in .conf file and maybe it will give you some hints
Problem with the spread out format, is that it was hard to see
what was turned on and off...

Also, I don't use the sieve and manage stuff... just IMAP[S]

Also -- something I haven't figured out yet...
sometimes, it will pause for 30 seconds when opening a new
mail...haven't been able to figure out why yet, but
haven't focused on it either... doesn't happen that often.

I have about 70 active folders (that receive mail),
and maybe about 150-200 overall (archives and such).

So if it's any help, here's mine that's working...

My installed versions:

(but I am not using any of the dbstuff that I know of).

# 2.0.13: dovecot.conf.rpmsave
# OS: Linux x86_64 openSUSE 11.4 (x86_64)
listen =
ssl_cert = </etc/ssl/certs/dovecot.pem
ssl_key = </etc/ssl/private/dovecot.pem

debug_log_path = /var/log/dovecot/debug.log
log_path = /var/log/dovecot/operational.log
auth_debug = yes
auth_verbose = yes
mail_debug = yes

mail_fsync = optimized
comparator-i;ascii-numeric relational regex imap4flags copy include variables body enotify environment mailbox date
passdb {
driver = pam
service auth {
user = root
service imap-login {
process_min_avail = 8
service_count = 0

protocol imap {
mail_max_userip_connections = 64
imap_client_workarounds = tb-extra-mailbox-sep tb-lsub-flags

userdb {
driver = passwd


## not 100% certain about this next one -- trying it out... seems to be ok so
mbox_dirty_syncs = yes

login_trusted_networks =,,
verbose_proctitle = yes

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