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Re: [opensuse] Kate unusable in 12.3 via ssh remote login
On 7/10/2013 2:46 AM, Dave Howorth wrote:
John Andersen wrote:
There may be more Xserver issues there than meets the eye.

While testing this bug, I logged into a OS 12.3 laptop via ssh from
another machine (windows), and ran the tests. When I had ascertained
that the original report was true, it was very slow.

I went over to that lap top to verify it worked correctly there.

Then I logged out of the lap top.

Then Logged back in again, and the KDE desktop showed up NOT on the
LAPTOP, but on the Windows machine I had previously tested from.

Couldn't believe my eyes, so I repeated the test, and it happened the
same way again. If there is an existing xsession on a remote machine,
and you log in on the local machine, your X session goes to the
remote machine.

Nothing but a reboot will fix that.

That does sound very bizarre, and very worrying.

Can you clarify something please. You wrote "I logged into a OS 12.3
laptop via ssh" which sounds like you opened a remote connection in a
terminal. But then you wrote "If there is an existing xsession on a
remote machine", which is something completely different.

Do you mean that you did have a remote xsession, or do you mean you just
had a remote X connection and were being sloppy with words?

Ok, let me try again.

Here is the setup:
Laptop running OpenSuse 12.3 and KDE. Logged in as user ME. Sitting at the
KDE desktop.
Windows machine running Win7 and an X Server Package with SSH client.
( package).

FROM WINDOWS, I open an SSH connection to the Laptop and log in as ME (same
Via that SSH connection I open an xterm, which appears on the Windows X Server
and works fine.
I launched Kate, to test out the reported problem. (Slow as hell). Then I
Exited Kate, back to the Xterm.

While the Windows machine still had an X Server session open (same user ME),
just running xterm:
I stepped over to the laptop, and selected Logout, returning to the Login
screen (kdmgreet).
(This shuts down the laptop's X Server for user ME, and terminates all
subordinate programs.

I then logged in again as ME on the laptop.
I saw the Login progress display showing, as each step of the normal KDE login
(hardrive icon, tools icon, world icon, etc... the Default OpenSuse KDE
login progress indicator)
The desktop(All of them!), the panel, the Activities (a weather indicator and
a calculator), all appeared
on the WINDOWS machine's X Server.

These desktops, and panel are FULLY Functional on the windows machine.
I can click the Application Launcher and launch programs which appear on the
Windows machine.

The Laptop just shows an empty screen with some generic opensuse wallpaper and
a mouse pointer.
The mouse pointer moves with the mouse attached to the laptop, but it does not
respond to left or
right clicks and the keyboard does nothing.

So the new login session invoked at the LAPTOP Suse Machine was sent across the
ssh connection and opened
on the Windows Machine's X Server.

I hope that is Clearer. If not, I will have to shoot a video or something.

This will ONLY happen for me if I first Lunch KATE on the Windows machine (from
the xterm that I
had started from windows).

If I don't launch Kate from the xterm on the windows machine, but simply do
some other things (xeyes, dolphin)
etc, then on the Laptop's KDE session, I can log out and log back into the
Laptop (at the laptop keyboard)
and everything will work as expected, with KDE launching and running on the
Laptop screen.

HOWEVER, once I launch KATE (and apparently ONLY Kate) from the X Server on
EVERY subsequent login to KDE on the Laptop itself, will send the KDE session
to the Windows X Server.

And if I shut down the X Server running on the Windows machine, then attempt to
log in on the
laptop, the KDE progress indicators (disk, tools, world) appear, but when it
gets to the K (kde)
it shows no desktops, Panels, or activity widgets anywhere (not on either

Yet switching to a a console on the laptop (Ctrl Alt F2) I log in and see Kwin,
Klauncher, etc running)
for user ME.

So KATE seems to be trashing the DISPLAY setting or something.

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