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Re: [opensuse] Old desktop that won't boot with cards in it
On 7/8/2013 5:08 PM, Felix Miata wrote:
Before wasting any time on anything else, check for bad caps in PS and on

Plus 1 on that.

These things will burst, or almost burst and continue to work. Then you power
down for an extended period and
the electrolyte will have all leaked out, and with any significant power draw
they just crap out.

(Worst culprits are a certain vintage circa 2000, across many different
manufacturer lines. Those with horizontal
mobos would tend to work even with blown caps because they sat vertically, and
didn't leak so badly. But put them
in storage on edge and all the oil runs out over time).

Check the motherboard first. Look for bulging capacitors like shown in the
picture on the linked page.
(Note that the picture is kind of a worst case situation. You will often find
just ONE bulging cap.)

If the Mother board has bad caps, take your disk drives, and move on.
Power supplies, on the other hand are cheap.

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