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Re: [opensuse] SSD and smartctl: Percentage Used Endurance Indicator: 34 ?

Am 06.07.2013 20:17, schrieb Carlos E. R.:

The wikipedia article on flash media talks of up to a million cycles.


You have to look at the hours of use, not the years. On a laptop it
seems that 4000 to 6000 may be the limit, whereas on a desktop 10000 to
20000 is typical (mine have 12000).

lucky you!

My Corsair 60GB SSD from 2008/9 (?) gave up irrecoverably with approx. 4000 hours during only 3 periods of 6 month over 3 years (with pauses of 6 month unused).

I used it for / incl. /swap and /boot, without /srv and /home, where all my data is. As I have 16GB Ram I guess swap was not used very often.

I went back to a "normal" hd. Yes, booting was a pleasure with SSD, so incredibly fast, and large programs opened in a instant, but well...

Maybe nowadays SSD are much better, don't know. It's not a time where things generally get better :-)


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