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[opensuse] Re: Thunderbird and IMAP folders
Bob Williams wrote:
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My ISP recently had a hardware failure of the machine my messages are
stored on. They have rebuilt it from backup, but now Thunderbird shows
everything in my Inbox, whereas before my extensive set of filters
would divert messages into separate folders. The folder hierarchy was
under the ISP account, not Local Folders. I do not have Serverside
folders with this account.

I presume I'll have to recreate the original folder structure. I know
the usual mantra is "Why not try it?", but I don't want to mess things
further if the ISP will eventually restore my folder structure.

I don't quite understand the difference between serverside
filtering/folders, locally created folders under an email account, and
local folders under 'Local Folders'. The last one seems to delete the
mail from the remote server, which is not what I want.
I use T-bird on windows with the dovecot IMAP server on my suse linux
box. If you have an IMAP account, the default is usually that the
messages stay on the server even if you download copies.

It used to be POP(3) that only supported downloading, but
I believe it handles saving messages on the server now
as well, but doesn't handle multiple folders like
IMAP does.

Normally server-side filtering is whatever your ISP offers on their end.
I do "server side filtering" mostly on my linux box where I run
spamassassin, and have a perl script that sorts incoming
email into ~ 70+ folders.

I also due axillary spam filtering on on the T-bird client (local side
filtering) where it catches most of the ones the server let through.
The ones filtered on the server are prefiltered -- when I open up
Tbird the mail is already in many different folders. Vs.
local filtering is only done after Tbird downloads something from
the server -- then it moves things into local folders, usually.

Just make sure you don't set messages to expire after some age -- since
Tbird will delete the messages off of the server as well as your local
client. (

Other than that, I've never had problems with email disappearing
off of an IMAP server.
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