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Re: [opensuse] OT: Too Much Swap (plus literary, educational, grammatical, and climatological digressions)
Christopher Myers wrote:
...last I knew, we were now heading towards "global cooling..."

There have always been shorter cycles riding on longer ones. It's the
long term ones we have to worry about. There is no doubt, except by
those who refuse to accept the evidence, that adding certain gases, such
as methane and carbon dioxide to the atmoshere raises the temperature.
There is a lot of evidence in sediment and ice core samples that show
this, and it has happened naturally in the past. But since humans
started burning coal, we've been adding CO2 to the atmosphere that had
been locked away for millions of years. So, if you look at the earth's
temperature over the past few hundred years, you will see many ups and
downs, but the long term trend is up and at a faster rate than generally
happens normally, other than when there's a significant disruption, such
as a large volcano.

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