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Re: [opensuse] How Much Swap?
Doug wrote:
This is a battle you'll surely lose.

Ignorance doesn't make it right. I have seen a dramatic decline in
grammar, spelling and composition over the years.. This makes it
increasingly difficult to understand what is being said. If this
continues we'll soon be back in the middle ages, when it was a struggle
to understand what someone had written.

Once again, it's a sign of ignorance and not something that should be
tolerated, let alone encouraged.

Perhaps we should be examining why today's students are so bad at
grammar, spelling, punctuation, composition, arithmetic, science,
history, geography and more. More precisely, why is the education
failing the students? Incidentally, I recently read a newspaper article
about a 14 year old boy, who was unable to sign his name, because he'd
never been taught to write. When people don't understand history and
geography, they can't understand the world around them. Lack of science
education allows the rise of delusion about many things, including religion.

A dumbed down world is one that's open to be manipulated by someone, be
it politicians, business interests or religious leaders.

So, if you simply want to be one of a herd of sheep, go ahead and prove
your ignorance and use "irregardless". You'll have no one to blame, but
yourself, for the consequences.

BTW, not too long ago, it was the policy of the Texas Republicans to
oppose critical thinking in the school system. Keep 'em dumb and

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