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Re: [opensuse] How Much Swap?
On 06/26/2013 04:12 PM, Lew Wolfgang wrote:
Hi Folks,

Back in the '80s we configured swap space to be 1.5 x RAM
as a rule of thumb. But I'm configuring 6 boxes now that
contain 64-GB of RAM and I'm wondering if swap should be
anything close to 96-GB. The boxes have only 128-GB of
SSD for the operating system, so I'd like to minimize swap
as much as possible.

As background, these devices will be used as dedicated
data acquisition devices. They will pump data from
four Gig-E Ethernet ports and store it all in a 24-disk
RAID-6 array. Preliminary measurements show we should
be able to maintain continuous throughput until the RAID
is full.

So, any opinions on swap size in relation to RAM?

I'd add 8 or 16GB. Okay, the system would be sloooow when it
starts to swap, e.g. if a process goes wild, but better slooow
and having the chance to fix/kill that process than letting
the kernel kill random processed - maybe you can't even login
anymore (e.g. if you're using it remotely most of the time).

But as the other's say: it's depending on the application.

Have a nice day,
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