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Re: [opensuse] Any chance of convincing Gimp to consider a .png asavalid saved image?
* Istvan Gabor <suseuser04@xxxxxxx> [06-20-13 04:42]:
If I "save as" the image I work on it becomes that type of image, eg. if
I save as a jpg, from that point I work on a jpg image.

No, this is entirely wrong. It matters not what format you *save* an
image as except for the "file existing on your disk". The file contained
in memory inside gimp is in a format internal to gimp which gimp uses to
manipulate that image in *memory*. Every file-save operation is actually
an *export*.

But if I can only export, the image itself stays in xcf format, and I
have to export it again, if I understand correctly.

No, you can save (really an export) the image but only in xcf format using
the save operation in the menu.

And what about working on non-xcf images? They also become xcf if I
make only slight modification, eg. resizing, and have to export? It is

Your conception is wrong but, yes, any operation you perform on an image
contained within gimp (in memory) can only be "saved" in an xcf format.
It *can* be exported to any gimp supported format, but then you will be
advised when leaving gimp that your image has not been *saved*, meaning
you have not saved it as an xcf file which provides levels and other
functions you loose when flattening an image and exporting it as ?jpg? (or

If this is true, I rather stay with previous version.

Correct your conception of the actual operation before deciding. The
script being discussed offers the same functionality as previous versions
of gimp, ie: directly saving an image to other than xcf format and not
displaying the unsaved image warning.

It is linux and the choice *is* yours to make.
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