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Re: [opensuse] ssytemd and openSUSE
On Thu, 20 Jun 2013 08:52:01 +0200
Per Jessen wrote:

Robin Klitscher wrote:

On 20/06/13 11:22, Carl Hartung wrote:
On Wed, 19 Jun 2013 08:02:36 +0200
Per Jessen wrote:

I beg to differ. In a working environment of more than one system,
having a mix of ethX and enp13s0, enp14s0, enp3s1f0, enp3s1f1 and
enp6s2 will not work without a significant effort in adapting the
rest of the environment.

enp1I3s0 enp1don't4s0 enp3knows1f0 enp3whats1f1 enpyou're6s2
enpcomplaining13s0 enp1about,on4s0 enp3Per.s1f0 enp3Thiss1f1
enpsyntax6s2 enpis13s0 enp1the4s0 enp3easiests1f0 enp3things1f1
enpI've6s2 enp1read3s0 enp1all4s0 enp3week.s1f0 enp3As1f1
enpchild6s2 enpcould13s0 enpmaster4s0 enp3its1f0 enpafter3s1f1
enpa6s2 enp1morning's3s0 enp1lesson!4s0 enp3:-)



Ha bloody ha! Very good ....

ROFL ... yes, that was excellent, Carl! I almost choked on my morning

Sorry for my little outburst :-)

I understand the impetus and rationale, but my eyes always play tricks
on me. Couldn't a simple config file, say, a table comparable
to /etc/hosts, map these eyeball twisting names into human readable
form? Thanks for advocating some sanity, Per!
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