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Re: [opensuse] Any chance of convincing Gimp to consider a .png as avalid saved image?
2013. június 19. 21:57 napon C <smaug42@xxxxxxxxxxxx> írta:

On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 9:43 PM, Carlos E. R. wrote:
I scan images using gimp and xsane. If I scan a dozen images, I have to keep
track of what I save to PNG or JPG, because GIMP insists that none are saved
and that I'm going to lose my data. It wants me to save as XCF and I will

Any chance of changing this behavior? It is disruptive. :-/

The XCF format contains all the layers, masks, and pathing info among
many other things. It's the default file format for a good reason...
but it's only helpful if you're really using the full capabilities of

You can export to just about any other format under the sun using File >

The Gimp devs aren't going to change this XFC setting. They made a
choice and are sticking with it.

There is a "fork" of Gimp with the Save function set back to save as
JPG, PNG etc. No guarantees on stability etc.especially since most
commits seem to be from 1 to 4 years ago. I wouldn't recommend it...

Using File > Export isn't too difficult, but as you say, you do have
to remember if you've saved it or not.

I can use "File > Save as" to save a file in different image formats (jpeg,
tiff, png etc).
I can select image type from the pulldown list or just appending the type
This is GIMP 2.6.8. Do I understand correctly that this behavior has been
changed and
the "save as" option is removed?


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