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[opensuse] 12.3 boot woes, vanishing everything except memtest, how does grub2 populate the /boot/grub2/grub.cfg
  • From: cagsm <cumandgets0mem00f@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2013 23:50:19 +0200
  • Message-id: <>
12.3 boot woes, vanishing everything except memtest, how does grub2
populate the /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

I wonder about how grub2 decides what to show in its bootmenu, as I am
going insane for the past few hours. This previous 12.2 box was tried
to be updated to 12.3 via remote (zypper dup) but the problems only
started then.

pretty simple setup, single /dev/sda disk, but sda1=swap, sda2=root,
sda3=boot, sda5=usr, sda6=var

I drove throughout half the country to get the dang thing fixed.
Eventually I booted into rescue mode from a 12.3 usb key plugged into
the machine. I updated the messed up box to the 12.3 vanilla from the
key, it booted up fine after it fixed a small number of packages via
the stick, mainly kernel and a few others.

Later I rebooted the machine and to my surprise only the grub2 menu
came up with the memtest entry, nothing else.

I did this silly game a few times over and over, and eventually
figured the first time it booted with the normally looking grub2 menu,
inside the machine running, there was some task being executed (top)
that was called /sbin/update-bootloader .... and the parameter I think
was remove and then some string probably the menu string that was
being displayed in the grub2.

I verified this behavior, and it happens every time on this machine.

Eventually I figured to quickly copy the still healthy grub2/grub.cfg
file before that script or binary destroys it.

But once that update-bootloader kicked in, even the grub2-mkconfig
only put out a smallish config with memtest inside only.

So then I fore-redownloaded and re-installed the kernel-desktop from
the oss-update repo via network, and that gave me a healthy
grub2/grub.cfg again.

But this is insane. I never came across these weird things before.
Before this whole mess I was actually using grub (v1) but that never
came up going past the Grub > prompt after the initial zypper dup.

Question is how do I clean up this messy machine, there are just too
many places these days. /etc/grub.d/ etc/default/ /etc/sysconfig/
boot and bootloader and darn many places.

But my main question at the moment is how does grub2 populate its menu
or why does the vanilla kernel entry gets hosed and deleted by this
obscure update-bootloader piece of software.

Thanks for helping out to understand all of this.
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