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Re: [opensuse] RE: Stability of systemd
Bruce Ferrell said the following on 06/17/2013 11:56 AM:
On 06/17/2013 07:53 AM, Anton Aylward wrote:
Per Jessen said the following on 06/17/2013 10:45 AM:
Anton Aylward wrote:

Per Jessen said the following on 06/17/2013 08:24 AM:

No, not blades - for instance an HP DL585 with quad opterons, each
with 16 cores.

Ah. Intel architecture.

Ignoring the PowerPC (which also powers z/OS) and maybe Itanium, what
else is there (for large machines) today? HP-PA is long dead. I guess
Sparc is still about, but does Sun/Oracle even build E10Ks or E25Ks any
more? Unisys presumably still build the ES7000-line, but that's also
Intel architecture.


Perhaps we need a single chip 48-core Raspberry Pi with 1T of memory :-)
The fabled "Hot fuzzy golfball"

Does this fill the bill?

A very strange machine
The Epiphany architecture consists of up to 4,096 RISC microprocessors, all sharing a single flat memory space.
That kind of MIMD requires a very different and very disciplined style of programming. Its not like the Linux SMNP multi-programming model where the scheduler can just assign any CPU. This is really a massively parallel coprocessor, the kind of thing that's needed for huge computational problems like modelling the solar system, a nuclear explosion, or a super-condensate. We used to call that approach 'array processors'.

But at $99 or even $199 the boards are so attractive for experimenters.
Not just the heavy projects, VR, calculating where Google's balloons should go
but also coming up with a plugin for gimp to do photo editing...

Or perhaps a Wayland based VDI multi-seat for 1,000 Linux users. All for $199. EAT THAT VMWARE!

Or perhaps not.
It depends if this really sees scaled up production.

is recent, but I wonder ...
Maybe we'll see DES cracking in 30 seconds or less. The on to AES.

How long did the whining go on when KDE2 went on KDE3?

The only universal constant is change. If a species can not adapt it
goes extinct. That's the law of the universe, adapt or die.
-- Billie Walsh, May 18 2013
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