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Re: [opensuse] Why does yast use for localhost?
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On 2013-06-13 07:25, Werner Flamme wrote:

There is a tickbox in YaST configuration as Per mentioned in the
first response in this thread, Message-ID:

Yes, and I suggested in Bugzilla that YaST warns of the consequences
either way. It is not very good if the user finds out that something
is working badly and has to ask in mail list, forum, or google, or
upstream. It saves time for all.

I knew about deleting the line in hosts, but not of the tick box
having that precise effect (it does not mention in YaST tick
box, not so easy to correlate, I'm afraid).

When you look at postfix' config with the line "inet_interfaces =
$myhostname, localhost", it is sure meant that $myhostname is
resolved to an "outside" address (as opposed to a localhost
address). Postfix should check that the given addresses are
available for its local installation, though. Maybe one can tell
Wietse that this is a security flaw, it will be fixed at once ;-)

Maybe, but that's not for me to do. It has to be someone with better
network expertise than me. :-)

As for the $myhostname being an internet address - well, not always.
It can be a local network server only, too. For internal exchange
only. It just needs a working DNS server.

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Carlos E. R.
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