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Re: [opensuse] purging old kernels
On 2013-06-11 15:37:26 +0200, Carlos E. R. wrote:
Something is broken in your mail system. Your answers are not threaded
as answers. Please check it up.

This reply will doubtless be the same. It's because I subscribe to the nomail version of the list and have to compose replies by quoting and pasting bits and bobs into a new message from the responses I read via the RSS feeds and the copies on the web.

When I reply, sometimes it works and puts the message in the right place in the thread, other times it adds a new reply out of context, and once or twice my replies have vanished into thin air. What criteria is used to determine which thread a message belongs to, i.e. is there something I can paste in to ensure it goes in the right place? I thought it might be a combination of subject and time/date stamp but there must be more to it.

It's not ideal but I use the nomail version since I want to monitor a few lists, most of which I never or very rarely post to, so I skim the subject lines from time to time but don't want hundreds of extra emails in my inbox. There's been a flurry of recent postings from me to this group because every time I try to fix one problem I run into a new one :(
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