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[opensuse] Wrangling Gnome and Keyboard Layouts
Dear Readers:

I hope that you can help me a bit with my Gnome 3.6 struggles. Mostly,
things in OpenSUSE 12.3 with Gnome 3.6 are working swimmingly. However,
I cannot seem to find anyway to achieve my first or secondary goals when
it comes to keyboard layouts, despite all my searching.

I have two keyboard layouts. One of them is my main layout, and the
other contains a host of special symbols that I use nearly as much as
the main layout for certain applications. Traditionally I would have a
key set to be the Mode_switch key and then pressing that key would
switch me to the alternative key layout while I held down the
Mode_switch key, and then, when I released that key, it would return to
the original layout. In Gnome 3.6, there seems to be no way to get the
keyboard layout to switch only while a certain key is pressed.

Question #1: How do I enable switching keyboard layouts only while a
given modifier key (Mode_switch or other) is pressed?

Through all my reading I am beginning to suspect that such a thing
cannot be done at all. If this is indeed the case, then I was hoping to
find a way to do a decent work around. Using the tweak tool I can set
Gnome to switch my layout whenever I type a certain modifier key. That's
pretty good, but the key that I want to use as my modifier key is, by
default, not assigned to any symbol. I can set this key as a layout
switcher shortcut in the normal Gnome settings, but it doesn't actually
work. If I associate it together with a modifier key, like shift, then
it does work as expected. What I am looking for is a way to map this key
to a key that I can use to switch the layout when I press this key.
Right now, it would suffice if I could remap the key to be the right alt
key together with my other right alt key (I would then have two right
alt keys).

I would normally do this remapping using the Xmodmap interface, but it
seems that Gnome no longer loads this file at login time. What is the
method for doing this now?

Question #2: How do I remap an arbitrary key to be an additional right
alt key?

I hae scoured the internet for a solution to these questions, but I have
been unable to find anything. Right now, I am at a very uncomfortable
situation of using shift+key or right alt to do a switch, but only after
hitting them and releasing them, not while pressed. This is very far
from my ideal. I would appreciate any help that you could give me on
this. i tried the IRC channel but received no response there.

Yours truly,

Aaron W. Hsu

Aaron W. Hsu | arcfide@xxxxxxxxxxx |
לֵ֤ב חֲכָמִים֙ בְּבֵ֣ית אֵ֔בֶל וְלֵ֥ב כְּסִילִ֖ים בְּבֵ֥ית שִׂמְחָֽה׃

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