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Re: [opensuse] IPv6 in Firefox: does it work? The saga continues...
On 2013-06-03 04:20, James Knott wrote:
Carlos E. R. wrote:
Here, they talk about this, it appears to be a bug:”

Or that LL addresses should not be used, but I have no idea what I should use

While the link local address can be used, they're awkward to use, as you may
have noticed. It's
much better to use a proper unicast address. There is a range of IPv6 address,
similar to the
RFC1918 IPv4 addresses, which you can use if you don't have a public address.
Those addresses start
with fc00. Link local addresses are generally used for things like router and
neighbor discovery,
though Windows "Home Groups" work exclusively with them.

That address is the printer, and it is the only one I know on IPv6. I have no tunnel, I'm just testing local connectivity.

Actually I have a second one, the router, but each day it is a different
address (why?)

On 2011 you told me:

A valid IPv6 address is something like this: ::ffff: You just add
the ::ffff: to the IPv4
address. However, your operating system recognizes it for what it is and
contacts it as IPv4. You only
have to specify the port when using the link local address. If you had a
subnet, even one not connected
to the internet, your computer could figure out which interface to use. Just
like in IPv4, there are
address blocks for that purpose.

So ::ffff: is out (it does not use IPv6 to connect).

I guess there must be some other block reserved for local use without problems

I could do with a howto for dummies. Back in 2011 you pointed me to O'Reilly “IPv6 Essentials”, but even as epub it is priced at 20.56€, which is too much for a casual reading.

(Back in 2011 I mentioned I got a 200+ hours, government paid (actually, the
network training, inc. a Cisco diploma, that did not include IPv6. Now I got
a second
training, similarly subsidized, without more than 15 minutes talk about IPv6.
Which is curious.)

Any online, easy to read, documentation on how to use IPv6 that you people know

I use a tunnel broker to get a /56 subnet, which is a trillion times the entire
IPv4 address space,
so I use public addresses on my network.

My new router supports IPv6, either directly from the ISP, or via a tunnel. Actually, I have this minute enabled IPv6 on my WAN side, I got disconnected, and some seconds back I got back a connection, on IPv4 only. So my ISP is out.

The router tunnel can use DS-lite, 6RD, 6to4.

I do not need IPv6, I'm just curious and testing my new router and the local

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from oS 12.3 "Dartmouth" GM (rescate 1))
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