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Re: [opensuse] Automatic deletion??
On Sat, 1 Jun 2013 14:04:38 +0200
C C wrote:

On Sat, Jun 1, 2013 at 1:51 AM, John Bennett wrote:
Can somebody explain how this happened....

Camera plugged into 12.3 x64 PC via USB.
Copied photos from: /var/run/media/john/NO NAME/DCIM/ to
/home/data/_data/draw/camera/temp/, (2 dolphin windows open) waited
for copy to complete, (checked with 'Notifications & Jobs'), and
several minutes later, selected all files in /var/run/media/john/NO
NAME/DCIM/ and deleted (no, didn't move to trash :-( ) and watched
ALL (ie files in BOTH windows) get deleted....
Hard lesson learned (hope I didn't want any of those photos...).
Can anyone explain?

Guessing... the files in the both windows were selected when you did
the delete? I've had that happen to me once in KDE/Dolphin, but not
recently (not in 4.10, but in an older release.. pre4.9).

This is one of those irksome situations where you just *have* to know
what *&%$#$ happened!? :-) If for nothing else than knowing how to
avoid it happening again.

Towards that end, here's one idea I had after reading the John's

The camera's data transfer rate, for whatever reason, became extremely
slow ... even stalled ... which prematurely triggered the notifier (how
sophisticated is it?) So, John was notified that the copy was complete
while there were only temporary files (with premature icons displayed
in dolphin's window) that disappeared when the copy was canceled due to
the original files being deleted. Sound possible?


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