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Re: [opensuse] Nepomuk - The Opposite Question
On 6/1/2013 11:22 AM, John Andersen wrote:
On 6/1/2013 7:08 AM, Daniel Bauer wrote:
Am 31.05.2013 23:54, schrieb John Andersen:
I've searched high and low on Google, and can find tons of pages about how
to kill off nepomuk.

But, I actually want to make it WORK. (I know, crazy, right?)

I have a mountain of code that I want to wade thru, and having something
would help me find all references to specific data names, or subroutines
the code base would be great.

So its running on the machine, it indexed a boatload of stuff, I selected
directory structures I wanted indexed, and let it do its thing.
The Places portion of Dolphin shows me a list of types, one of which is
and all the source code modules show up in there.

But I STILL can't find file names or variable names (data elements) in this
source code.
At least it won't find any such thing in Dolphin's built in Search.

Is there a some other tool I need to use for this?

I use kfind to find text parts. It works great and is quite fast without any
indexing... It just gives a list of files that contain what I
searched for. Don't know if that's what you're looking for...


Kfind has no choice but to start thrashing through every file on your disk
till it finds
the text. Each search takes a long time because it takes a long time to dig
thousands of files.

Wait, I was wrong...
Kfind has a check box that tells it to "Use File Index"
When that is checked Kfind appears to acutally use the index created by
and can find almost any single word finishes in about 20 seconds with virtually

The documentation says that checkbox uses the "Locate" (find utils) database
which should only help finding the files to check, but not the actual contents
being searched for.

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