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Re: [opensuse] Grub2 and installing multiple distros on same computer - *ADDENDUM*
On 2013-03-12 16:56 (GMT+1100) Basil Chupin composed:

Felix Miata wrote:

On 2013-03-12 15:14 (GMT+1100) Basil Chupin composed:

Felix Miata wrote:

There's not much I could change without actually understanding Grub2.
Grub2 has nothing I need that Grub Legacy lacks,

Aaaah, you have made up your mind without actually using grub2

Nothing I wrote implies I've not used it. *buntu first dumped it (v1.96 IIRC) on me more than two years ago by making it non-optional, though at least installable to the / partition (the only place I ever let it install). That and exposure to it in Fedora (where it cannot be installed except to MBR), in Mageia (where it needn't be installed to MBR), and via years of subscribing to grub-devel (where installation to other than MBR is heavily discouraged) and help-grub mailing lists is how I know I don't need it or want it, and how I know most existing multi-boot users' systems don't need it either.

Multi-boot is as much art as science. Art can be much better by emphasizing simplicity as much as practical. The difference in size between Grub Legacy and Grub2 makes it clear which must be the less complex. Until I am able to avail myself of the even simpler Gummiboot and UEFI, I can well make do with Grub Legacy, and not burden my systems and thought processes with the more complex and still evolving (aka moving target) mini OS named Grub2.
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