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Re: [opensuse] 10 days out - 12.3 recommendations
On 10/03/13 14:31, Carlos E. R. wrote:
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El 2013-03-09 a las 21:34 +1100, Basil Chupin escribió:
On 07/03/13 22:48, Carlos E. R. wrote:

Nobody is talking of 20 years, for instance. One or two years at most. It is similar to what SLES does, for instance, but with lower spectations/effort.

(Jesus, you are making it tuff :-( . In an earlier message I posted a few minutes ago I said I am ending my involvement in this thread - but what you wrote cannot go unpunished! :-) )

*I* am talking about 20 years.

I see no difference in installing a version of oS and using it for 20 years because the statement was made that the people using Evergreen had no interest in the latest; they wanted stability.

Then if you want STABILITY install a version and stick with it for 20 years!

What for?

Who is going to keep doing the needed security updates for 20 years? That is impossible!

This is NOT what I am, or was, saying.

What I said is to install the version and then keep it for 20 years, and have it updated via normal channels before it hits it's EOL - *after* which it cannot get any more stable than it is at that point. Then just using it for the next 20 years - it's stable, you don't want any new upgrades and so keep going with that version.

But you want to have someone spend their time in providing "you" with updates for another few years after the version's EOL yet claiming that you don't to have any updates because you want stability.

Why do you want someone to spend time and effort to keep your installation going for 2 or 3 years with maintenance updates so that you can call it an Evergreen?!

Well, many people want it, and some maintainers are actually doing that job, because enough people do want that maintenance done. And we are grateful that they do.

You don't, fine!

I "don't" what? I am not grateful that the maintainers do the maintaining? Or what?

Don't use it.

I won't :-) .


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