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Re: [opensuse] 10 days out - 12.3 recommendations
On 07/03/13 22:51, Carlos E. R. wrote:
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El 2013-03-06 a las 22:25 -0600, Christofer Bell escribió:
On 3/6/13 9:38 PM, "Basil Chupin" <> wrote:


Do you understand the words "stable" and "newest , but stable"?

I don't think *you* understand what "stable" means in this context.

No, he doesn't.

I am going to end this thread - at least my involvement in it - right here and now.

I have a very strong suspicion that whoever is arguing for this Evergreen version and against what Tumbleweed is all about is doing so without the slightest idea of having actually installed and used Tumbleweed.

The whole argument so far has been about words and the meaning of words - but nothing based on actual experience.

People flapping their ears simply on the basis of what they believe, on how they interpret words.

I have Tumbleweed installed.

Does who are arguing against TW: do you have TW installed? Per - do you have TW installed?

I don't have Evergreen installed. I have no need to do so because I had openSUSE 11.4 installed *2* years ago.

And I certainly don't want to go back and use something which is 2 years old this month.

Now, when it comes to Tumbleweed, which as I said, I do have installed and have tried it, let me say 2 things:

1. It is NOT in any way "bleeding edge" - my installation of 12.2 is more "bleeding edge" than Tumbleweed; and

2. I am not impressed with Tumbleweed. Far from having the "latest" it does not. KDE is not the latest; the kernel I have in my 12.2 is newer than what is in TW; and at least one program does not work. So, the bottom line here is that, with the greatest respect to GregKH who maintains TW, I prefer to go with my 12.2 or now the about-to-be-unveiled 12.3.


Using openSUSE 12.3 x86_64 KDE 4.10.1 & kernel 3.8.2-1 on a system with-
AMD FX 8-core 3.6/4.2GHz processor
16GB PC14900/1866MHz Quad Channel Corsair "Vengeance" RAM
Gigabyte AMD3+ m/board; Gigabyte nVidia GTX550Ti 1GB DDR5 GPU

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