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Re: [opensuse] Grub2 and installing multiple distros on same computer - *ADDENDUM*
On 09/03/13 01:29, Carlos E. R. wrote:
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El 2013-03-09 a las 00:39 +1100, Basil Chupin escribió:
On 09/03/13 00:09, Carlos E. R. wrote:

What I did was tell yast to install grub 2 on the partition dedicated to RC2, and to not write anything to the MBR (which it will do by default). I may have forgotten another click by now. Ah! Yes, it also wanted to change some bootable marks which I disabled.

Yes, this is correct: you install the bootloaders of the OSs in the ROOT directory of the OS being installed and do not allow the MBR to be written to EXCEPT by the FIRST operating system you install - which is then overwritten when you install the 'Master' bootloader (as I have) . (But there is another exception which is that if you also have Windows then it will write its loader in the MBR which is why one installs Windows first and then the Linux install of the first distro will overwrite the MBR.)

Which is why I made sure that the MBR was not modified. I have also Windows 7 on this laptop and I want to keep the original Windows MBR. If not, there are more problems when installing service packs (in fact, to install them I have to disable grub).

But what you did is OK when you only have 2 OSs installed but then things get a bit difficult if you install more or change them or remove them - which is why the "main" booloader is suggested. For example, if you have 4 OSs installed and don't have a "main" loader then you would need to run grub2-mkconfig on each of the OSs whenever you add another or remove one of them; whereas if you have a "main" loader then you only have to run grub2-mkconfig just the once fot this mail loader.

My strategy is, on the main grub, to point to the grub of the other system(s). I do not make entries for the kernels or specifics of the rest of the installations. In my case, it is grub 1.

title openSUSE Factory (/dev/sda9) via chainloader
rootnoverify (hd0,8)
chainloader +1

If I were to install another multiboot computer, I would first create a small Linux system (5..10 G) with the main grub booter, loading the grubs of each other system installed, as in the above entry. This partition would double as rescue system.

This is problably what you call a "main loader"?

The best way to answer this would be to refer you to page #16 of this article, the part starting with the heading, "Case 3" (which is what I set up):

It explains much better than I could. (The only thing re the article is that it really has caused some confusion because I think it started off being an article about grub but then changed to be one about grub2 - but the author forgot to alter references to "grub-..." commands to read "grub2-....." commands. Either that or the author(s) of grub2 decided to rename grub=>grub2 at some point after the article was written.)



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