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Re: [opensuse] Grub vs LILO
On 2013-03-07 17:41 (GMT-0800) Linda Walsh composed:

as I mentioned before, I make running lilo part of my kernel
install script, so I *can't* forget it -- it's automatic.

Lilo's command line provides plenty of opportunity for me to boot
as well -- any of a number of previous kernels.

That's why I make /boot a separate partition just for kernels
have a separate /root and /usr.

If everything was on 1 disk, grub might well be more reliable.
But if you want performance and speed, sometimes tuning is worth it.
For many, it's not worth the hassle, I'll admit.

I shudder to fathom any script to run Lilo that could work for the majority of my many puters, nearly all of which are multi-multiboot. Each root provides space for its kernels, but the real boot partition, which is never mounted as /boot, has stanzas for each /, and usually memtest and any number of installation kernel/initrd sets.

Menu.lst only needs editing when a new / is added or partitions are split or combined, as all kernels on the individual /s have symlinks named vmlinuz, most have vmlinuz-prv, and many have vmlinuz-prv2 or even vmlinuz-prv3 or vmlinuz-prv4, and with corresponding initrd symlinks. About the only time nothing will boot is if I try some new distro that I inadvertently let write non-generic code to an MBR, something readily fixed within a minute of booting a floppy, CD or stick.
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